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11.9.23 duo with Tomas Gubbins, Mayhem (Cph) 

3.9.23 Impro set in duo with Adam Graunam, Malmo 

6.6.23 Imitationer Af Liv with Kirstine Vindelev, Golden Days (Cph)

17.09.23 with Damkapellet, premiere of new music, Konserthuset Stockholm

Past (21/22)

7.7.23 Epli  & Friends, impro set at People Like us, Amagercenter (Cph)

1.7.23 Solo set and Children´s music for adults for ensemble. Dystopian Jazz Fest, Literaturhaus 

22.6.23 "šumenie" by Michaela Turcerova, Afgang Festival, RMC

20.6.23 "It could be a garden" by Tomas Gubbins, Afgang Festival, RMC

7.6.23 "A Modern Cerimony" by Guusje Ingen Housz, Damkapellet, Klang Festival (Cph)

4.6.23 live premiere "Vid du med Janus" by Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, Klang Festival (Cph)   

27.5.23 Damkapellet Vækst concert, Musikhuset (Cph)

20.5.23 solo concert at VicenzaJazz, Palazzo Thiene, Vicenza (Italy)

12.4.23 solo concert, LydKnust Festival, Esbjerg (Dk)

24.3.23 with Kymatic Ensemble, Stockholm

14.3.23 solo concert, supporter for Ana Roxanne, Råhuset, Copenhagen

25.2.23 with Damkapellet, cd release concert, Koncertkirken, Cph

16.2.23 with Damkapellet, music by Pauline Hogstrand, Vinterjazz (Koncertkirken, Cph)

11.2.23 with TYI, Vinterjazz, KoncertKirken, Cph

3.2.23 with Valeria Miracapillo, Cognitive Failure, VinterJazz, KoncertKirken, Cph  

9.1.23-20.1.23 percussionist for Sandra Boss residency at Inter Art Center, Malmo, Sweden

7-8.1.23 Trouble in Tahiti by Bernstein, Den Fyske Opera, Struer  

15-18.12.22 Trouble in Tahiti by Bernstein, Den Fyske Opera, Odense

23.11.22 Percussion solo concert for "Societá Dante Alighieri" , Metronomen, Copenhagen

10.11.22 Imitation af Liv (for four singers and a percussionist) by Kirstine Vindelev, Gong Festival

 15.10.22 with Damkapellet, for Polychrome, Koncertkirken kl.18 

30.9.22 Vækker Gengklang by Birgitte Lyregaard, Metropolis (Cph performance around the city)

8.9.22 with Sandra Boss, Piece for Ears, Mayhem 

3.9.22 Kirstine Lindemann Between Strings/ Damkapellet, Sort Hvid (Cph)  

8.7.22 People Like Us, trio with Oda Dyrnes and Valeria Miracapillo

3.7.22 Cph Jazz Festival with Tanja Schlander, 5e scene

10.6.22 Klang Festival, Damkapellet, Musikhuset (Cph)

11.6.22 The Young Immigrants release, Beboerhuset 

26-30.5 Residency at Andersabo, Sweden

25.5.22 SOLOS Damkapellet, Literaturhaus (Cph) premiere of Mother Soldier by Sandra Boss

28.4.22 EAR-SOUND'N'NOISE-SCAPE Festival, Mayhem Cph, solo performance 

21.4.22 Bronshoj Vandtårn, duo with Tanja Schlander 

17.2.2022 Vinter Jazz, Koncertkirken (Cph) , Inside/Outside Damkapellet

19.10.2021 Dice Club, improvisers night, Mellemrummet, Copenhagen

2-7.11.2021 Cognitive Failure, for percussion and live electronics_ production together with Valeria Miracapillo and Domenico Villani , BadTeatret (Cph)

23.11.2021 Damkapellet at Klub Primi, H15 Copenhagen

9.9 21 supporter act for Jørgen Toller, solo performance, Underwerket (Cph)

6.9.21 Gong Festival with Damkapellet, (Cph) 

summer 2021 recording of opera "Vil du med Janus" by Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki

13.8.21 UNM Ung Nordisk Music Days with Outo Kollektiivi, Århus (Dk)’

10.8.21 UNM Ung Nordisk Music Days with Damkapellet, Århus (Dk)

24.6.21 LoUd chamber music project, Stairway (Cph

15.6.2021 with Francesco Toninelli / Rmc Festival (Cph))

14.6.2021 with Aurelijus Užameckis / Rmc Festival  (Cph)

16.3.21-19.3.21 Cognitive Failure for live-electronics and percussion: production together with Canyf (Valeria Miracapillo and Domenico Villani), Badteatret (Cph) _Postponed due to Cov

25.3-26.3.21 Workshop with Damkapellet and Sara Topsøe

22.1.21-10.2.21 writing of own compositions, project founded by Koda

 9.12.2020 Dice club improviser collective at Mellemrummet (Copenhagen) /postponed due to Cov/

1.12.20 recording: music by Vincent Ruiz for Nowhere Near, documentary by Mike Revereza

27.11.2020 Venice Trio, Cuneo  /Cancelled due to Cov/

5.11.20 Klang Festival (Cph) music by Simon Løffler and Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen

02.11.20 Klang Avantgarde Music Festival with Damkapellet

17.10.20 Solo concert at Inter Art Center (Malmo, Sweden) 


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